arr starting to feel sick again

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After 4 weeks I am starting to get ill again, my flu/fever is coming back. My throat is still killing me.

I was planning to go gym Tomorrow, I will probably head there and do some cycling and then do some running. It will be mostly Cardio. Well I hope I will as I am not feeling so good.

I am going to hit the bed soon just to get things cleared up for tomorrow. I will post an update if I am ok tomorrow.

But overall I am now 94.7kg it seems that I am going to hit a plateau but I am determined to carry on. When I am feeling better I am going to try to hit the gym as often as I can to incorporate my cardio and weight lifting.

University is starting up soon

by *Cinnamon

I just sent in my enrolment form with a cheque to uni today. I had a few problems getting the money but I got it in the end.

Anyway Uni is starting up from next week and it is going to be hectic, I need to manage my study and fitness. I hope this doesn’t kill me doing both throughout the week after work.

This time around I am going to get myself ready for everything, I’ve been there and understood what not to do. So a bag of nuts would help stop the crave and I would get myself a home brew coffee or a skimmy Starbucks coffee to get myself through those books.

Well it should be easy now that I’ve got the click of revision and managing work and uni. For example now I can now read through books really fast and get what I need. So my plan this year is to knock out my coursework well in time and get my revision notes and lectures notes sync so that when it comes to exam in January I can just skim through my notes. Continue reading “University is starting up soon”

Coffee round up

by alicia954
by alicia954

It seems that I am a bit addicted to the coffee now….

I feel pretty hooked up since I started taking it to the gym sine last weekend. I bought some really strong Nescafe granules from Waitrose. It is pretty strong but I found a really good mix to get that kick that you need. Continue reading “Coffee round up”


by erkantr
by erkantr

As I usually attend the gym in the afternoon or late in the
evening. I am usually tired and unmotivated to work out. Even if I know that after the workout I would feel energised I
sometimes do not attend the gym. But what I found is that if you take half a cup of coffee with one
spoon full of coffee granule, 1 sugar and milk ( a good amount of semi-skimmed)
1 hour before the work out you will feel motivated. The coffee does not only
motivate you but your workout doesn’t’ feel tiring. And according to Men’s
health magazine one cup of coffee before a work out will help you build

I also found that if you start drinking lucozade hydroactive
during your workout you get a boost a
mix from a normal lucozade without too much calorie. Basically because the lucozade
focus has high glucose which gives you a lot of energy. Too much sugar can be bad, so this mix of
coffee and just lucozade hydro worked well on me.

Try it out and tell me about it.

This weeks and Last weeks health update

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I know it seems I’m posting too soon and it seems to be repeating. But hey I felt like posting.

Last week I did nothing. No actual exercise or activity. I tried but felt that I couldn’t move out of my chair. I have actually gained .4kg so its not bad as I was eating properly or maybe it was water weight.
Well anyway on Sunday I tried to motivate myself in training by getting a skipping rope. This time it is a 9 footer as I had a 8 footer which restricted my motion. On Monday afternoon, I took it out and tried some. I was able to do 30 seconds none stop. If you think that is easy and you have never tried it. Well I would say your talking crap as it is very difficult to skip for a long period of time.

In total I did 5 min of workout which is not that bad.

Regarding my last entry I mentioned that my goal for now is to lose 6kg in 6 weeks. Which is going to be tough as it is going to be the first time in a long time that I will be reaching that weight.

What I am planning to do this week is working out at least 2 full body workout this week and on the rest will be a mix of things. I will also follow my personal trainers plan. The aim is to be active 6 days out of 7. So this means I will be going gym for the rest of the week.

From last week

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I realised from yesterdays entry that it is hard to summaries a whole week in one entry. So what I am going to do now is to post ever 2-3 days so that I can cover all the details.

Well carrying on from last week, when I was at the party I felt uncomfortable. The reason being is that the atmosphere and the lifestyle was new to me even though I lied that I’d been to parties to the girls and this one was a bit boring. But hey I had a great time in the end. I drank 3-5 bottles of beer and Guinness. And to tell you the truth it was the first time I’ve drank that much and I was still able to walk, converse, and I did not feel dizzy.

I was invited to stay, but left early when a lot of people came as I thought only a few would stay. But then a lot of people came down. And I didn’t want to intrude at all. So I left early. And also I thought my parents were mad at me to attend that party and they were not. They said I had to go and enjoy myself once a while.

Apart from that evening, I didn’t do no exercise or even attend the gym last week. I was so stressed and depressed before that night out. And what I discovered is that after that night out I felt great and I was not so depressed.

Well I still haven’t attended the gym since then, but I will very soon.

What I am planning now for the next 6 weeks is to get to 90kg. To reach to that goal I am planning on doing 2-4 session at the gym per week. With at least 2 extensive workout.

I will talk about my goal in my next entry.

Stressful week?…maybe?

Day 64: March 4, 2008- Screaming For FreedomImage by ashley.adcox via Flickr

For the past week I have been a bit under stress.

I was depressed, I felt giving up on everything. I got to the point of not leaving my room. Which then led to not going to the gym or just going out fully. But somehow I was able to attend a party at a friends house which I enjoyed. I tried new things and discovered a new lifestyle (well I didn’t follow through with it as I am still not into this party stuff. But I am willing to go and follow through next time).

To tell you the truth it was the first time I went out to a party, drank and enjoyed myself. But it felt uncomfortable as I didn’t get drunk enough to get involved. Well that is what I thought. Overall I really enjoyed it, I talked to a few girls.

Well going back to the subject of having a stressful week, I did have my ups and downs throughout the week due to work and *other* issues (can’t talk about it right now, but I will). And somehow it cleared up over the weekend and I really got some of the stress and depression out of my system. For example now I am not angry at stupid mistakes from other people. I just somehow let it go, which feels weird and good. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit weird talking like that but I was depressed and angry for weeks and I just got pissed off for nothing.

If I keep that up everything will be alright.

Well I have to finish up, today I will continue tomorrow. Writing this felt really good. I will post some more tomorrow.