Very pissed off

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I am in a really bad mood today, I was set to go and fix my bicycle at Halfords this morning. When I got there I got told they cannot take any bikes in to fix as the bike specialist is on holiday.
This was pretty lame on their part and mine.

I could have phoned them and asked if they could have taken my bike in for a fix. And they could have taken my bike and waited until the guy comes back. Or the company could have sorted something out to deal with broken bikes in between the days.

I just realised that I dropped from an XXL to and XL size

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I was going through a few old jackets and clothes this morning and I realised some of them were xxl and now I am wearing XL size clothes.
I think this is a great achievement personally, dropping a cloth size.

I gain a little bit over this weekend as I had a BBQ and a pizza through saturday and sunday. I am now going to try go and fix my bike today and head to the gym.

I will see if they can fix my bike, if not I am getting a new bike.

Woot got stuck at 96.2kg

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For maybe 5-6 weeks full of work and hitting the gym 2-3 times a week i was able to lose 4kg from 100kg.
Now I have to push for another 3-5 weeks to get to my years goal of 90kg. (yes, i have decided to aim to 90kg by the end of December.)
ATM i have 6kg to go. I am planning on going to the gym around 3-4 times a week for full body workout and on the rest days I will be aiming to cycle for a bit around the area to burn some fat and increase my endurance overall.

The tip came from my personal trainer, when I asked her what I should do between the gym days and she said you could hit the gym for a 60min cardio workout OR go for a walk/cycle to get active for 60min.

What I am planning to do is to get my bike sorted tomorrow and try to get a skipping rope from somewhere. With the skipping I would do a full body cardio workout at home itself if i cant do the 60min cycling.

OH BTW my new asics trainers rule!! they are super comfy and does the trick while running. I haven’t had an issue while walking with them, they are just the best running/training shoes ever!!

A nice calculator to tell you when you are going to reach your weight loss goal

I found this cool weight loss calculator on which provides me with an estimate date of when I would reach the goal and by how many KG i should be losing per week to reach it.
ATM this year I want to get to 90kg and it said by December I would reach it. If I do I would be well happy.

By looking this up I am more motivated into my weight loss. I am determine to lose at least .5kg per week to reach my goal.

Tried email blogging and it didn’t workout

Meh, a quick update.
I am currently 96kg a drop from 99kg.
I tried to setup the email blogging on this wordpress install and nothing! It hasn’t posted anything!!! Pretty upset.

I started gym again after 2 week of being ill. I had some sort of virus/cold/flu that knocked me out fully for 2 weeks.

I’m back and will be posting more soon.

Great indoor cardio programme

For those who are stuck at home and want to burn a few calories. I found this great list of exercise that you can do at home.

I will post more if I find any.