Amazing Scale!, I am getting one!

This scale from Mibody looks amazing!

It can measure the whole shebang! BMR, BMI, weight, Water level, etc..!! And what is amazing about this piece of kit is that all that data can be stored on your computer to track the changes!!

here is the complete list of features:

* Glass back sprayed black with Stainless Steel contacts.
* Electronic LCD 2in dot matrix display.
* Auto shut off.
* Athlete mode with three fitness levels.
* Body fat.
* BMR.
* Body water.
* 200kg/31st 6lb/440lb.
* Muscle mass.
* BMI.
* Body water.
* Memory.
* Visceral fat.
* Low battery warning.
* (W)30, (D)30, (H)4.5cm.
* Requires 6 AA alkaline batteries (included).

I am definitely getting one when I get paid this week, I’ll see if I can get it down amazon or Argos. Once I get I’ll post the changes on the blog. I feel this is what I was looking for as I weigh myself everyday! 

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