my first 40min run, well at the gym

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Today i ran my first 5km straight with little rest as possible with an average of 9km/h

I had my sprints up to 13km/h for at least 1 min and had rests up to 2min.
I’ve also lost quite a bit of weight since i started this new programme of mine 2 weeks ago. I am currently 97kg from 101 which i was 1 week and a bit ago.

I feel great, very healthy and not to tired. It also seems that on the days I do get my rest I feel very down and lack of energy the following day. I thinkĀ  I’m addicted to training, i just have to go down the gym even for a 30min run or weight, i just feel like i have to.

ill add some more to my training as soon as i get some time.

Overall i like what i have achieved so far in 2 weeks.!!

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