Aim this week

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This week’s aim is to lose 1-2kg from full frontal cardio while keeping a good diet running. i will also try to aim to sleep early and finish my book on nutrition.

To lose my 1-2 KG i am aiming to do cardio 3-4 times a week with at least 3km of running and increasing my slow run from 6km/h to 7-8km/h. Or increase my incline from2.5 to 3 or 4.

I will try to include some core exercise on the odd days but all my cardio this will should include at least 6-8min rowing. I will also aim on trying a new stretch move and keeping my stretch routine constant throughout.

This should do the trick in losing fat and gaining some core muscle.

I will also aquire myself a fat scale from Amazon or Argos. This will depend entirely on the shipping cost on amazon.

I will also try to venture into golds’ gym to see if they provide better equipment and service. But that will rely on parking space availability. I will also try to change my contract from 3months to yearly at fitness first Harrow so that it becomes cheaper on a monthly basis as I am clear now that my new hobby is health and fitness.

Health and fitness has now become my hobby as there is just more to running on treadmill is also understanding your body and what it can do. Its basically a cheap science to study. I read books and try out new things, and if it does not work I disregard it. what more its fun and I am winning on it.

The best part is that its the first time that I am enjoying my body and realise that there is a need for me to lose weight to gain social respect and point as our current society relies on the fitess between us to win. yes, I know it sounds like I’ve given in to it saying yes people on tv governs how we should all look. And it does people with high fat % on them are more likely to get a heart attack then someone with less fat. But I am not looking at the extreme fit people in the world that pukes to get thin. i look up to people who knows what they doing nutritionally and physically.

Well enough said for now, it seems im blabering too much.

I have stopped eating fast food

After watching a video on TV on fast food I have taken the choice upon myself not to eat any fast food any more. I will eat my regular subway and at a real restaurant but not at a McDonald or KFC, etc…

The reason being is that I believe that you would lack the balance diet required for each meal. I would rather someone eat subway with high calorie than mcdonald where you would be lacking nutrients.

I will eventually quit on subway until i find something good enough in Harrow to eat.

On the side:

here are some downloads to nutrition info from popular fast food and your daily intake guideline from waitrose.





Amazing Scale!, I am getting one!

This scale from Mibody looks amazing!

It can measure the whole shebang! BMR, BMI, weight, Water level, etc..!! And what is amazing about this piece of kit is that all that data can be stored on your computer to track the changes!!

here is the complete list of features:

* Glass back sprayed black with Stainless Steel contacts.
* Electronic LCD 2in dot matrix display.
* Auto shut off.
* Athlete mode with three fitness levels.
* Body fat.
* BMR.
* Body water.
* 200kg/31st 6lb/440lb.
* Muscle mass.
* BMI.
* Body water.
* Memory.
* Visceral fat.
* Low battery warning.
* (W)30, (D)30, (H)4.5cm.
* Requires 6 AA alkaline batteries (included).

I am definitely getting one when I get paid this week, I’ll see if I can get it down amazon or Argos. Once I get I’ll post the changes on the blog. I feel this is what I was looking for as I weigh myself everyday! 

Example of my programme

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Here is a brief example of what my programme consists.

Bewarn this is only good if you have trained enough to withstand at least 3-5 session at the gym in a week lasting up to 1 hour.



  • Cardio, interval training at moderate speed
  • stretch


  • Active rest, walk about


  • Lower intensity than monday
  • Cardio, quite extensive with interval training,
  • stretching all around the body
  • rowing
  • core exercises


  • If I have lost at least 1.5kg to 2kg I do weight exercise
  • if not I will do moderate cardio
  • Weight exercise:
  • all body, bust mostly upper at quick and low resting time and at fast rate


  • Rest or weights if I haven’t done it on friday
  • Or cycling


  • Cycling, active rest

More information on the programme will be posted soon

Got a new domain

by WakaMouL
by WakaMouL

I just got this new domain for this blog, i just felt that I had to host it.

Well in health news, this week I’ve done quite a few cardio but I wasted it on Saturday when I went to get a few drinks with a few friends.

I didn’t quite like the drinking, well it was my first time out in london at night drinking. I didn’t like the whole experience, it was a bit too much for my taste. Well it was partly my fault I didn’t want to do much anyway as I was tired.

Well heading back to the fitness subject. This week I’ve done quite a bit of cardio and I ran my first 5k at the gym. It was quite challenging, but then the following day I was able to do the same thing at an easier pace. Which I think was a great improvement from one day to the other.

I believe that I said that I was going to do a lot of cardio and do a lot of training 6-7 times a week, andĀ  I think that would not be good for me. So I’ve decided to have a minimum of 3-5 workout session at the gym a week while keeping my nutrition kept in top form.

This week

This week I have done four cardio and 1 weight training session at the gym. I am aiming for the same programme next week but more intense on the cardio and upper body when doing weights.

What I am going to do is quite a lot of cardio for the first 2-3 session and if it seems that I am losing weight I will do a full body workout on my weight session but focusing more on the upper body by doing a lot of lats and chest press.

other news

It seems that after every workout this week my whole body is on fire, it is always hot and burning. I hope that is good.

I’ve lost 1kg this week and I will be posting my new measurement tomorrow to see the progress. 

Doing weight lifting increases you weight fast

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I just realised how fast weight training can put KG on yourself. I dropped 2kg in 2 weeks of cardio, and when I done 1 session of weights I’ve gained 1kg back and the following day i got my 2 weeks worth of weight loss back.

So what I am going to do now is cardio all the way to lose 5kg and do 1 session of weight lifting then cardio another 5kg then do 1 session of weight lifting.

Or i could do light weight just to keep them firm and that is about it.

I’ll have to play around with this so that I can get a perfect programme.

The thing that annoys me about this is that my main goal is to lose weight but as well as tone up. Should I lose the weight and then tone up or do both at the same time and not lose actual weight? my healthy weight is 15kg less than what I am currently.

my first 40min run, well at the gym

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Today i ran my first 5km straight with little rest as possible with an average of 9km/h

I had my sprints up to 13km/h for at least 1 min and had rests up to 2min.
I’ve also lost quite a bit of weight since i started this new programme of mine 2 weeks ago. I am currently 97kg from 101 which i was 1 week and a bit ago.

I feel great, very healthy and not to tired. It also seems that on the days I do get my rest I feel very down and lack of energy the following day. I thinkĀ  I’m addicted to training, i just have to go down the gym even for a 30min run or weight, i just feel like i have to.

ill add some more to my training as soon as i get some time.

Overall i like what i have achieved so far in 2 weeks.!!

This week was great!

January 25th, 2008--Weigh...Image by amyliagrace via Flickr

This week I;ve tried my new programme fully, and it worked. I’ve lost 1.5kg in 4 days of training.

Here was my workout


  • 10 min warmup
  • 3 weight lifting on different lower body with at least 3-4 sets going at 10-12 rep
  • 3 weight lifting on different parts of my upper body at least 3-4 sets going 10-12 rep
  • 2 core exercise
  • cooldown stretch

Tuesday: HIT training (cardio)

  • 20min cardio (interval training)
  • stretch
  • 10min HIT (interval training
  • 2 core exercise

Thursday (not so good weights)

  • 10min warmup
  • 3 upper body workout
  • 3 lower body workout
  • 2 core exercise
  • stretches


  • 30min cardio+warmup
  • 2 core exercise

I have also lost 1.5KG which is great, well I lost 2kg in the morning but gain back some more in the afternoon like always.

I’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow morning. I’ll probably get the bus there and get some exercise at the gym until i get my bike sorted.

sunday 6.7.08

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Today I’ve done some high intensivity training

This was my programme

  • 16min treadmill with max 10-11km/h
  • 2-3min stretch
  • 4 sets of chest
  • 3 sets of upper back
  • 16min treadmill
  • 3 sets of reverse crunch
  • 3 sets of leg raises
  • 3 sets of crunches

I will be starting a new programme on monday with high intensive training with weights.

Basically i will be concentrating on different parts of the body on weight days and in between i will be doing 60min cardio of different kinds with core exercise.