1 foot tuna honey and oats Subway is bad


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I calculated a 1 foot tuna and cheese subway in a Honey and Oat bread is more than 600 Calorie!!

Wow I really messed up today, no more subway for me now.
I might have just takenĀ  a fruit at Sainsbury and called it in.

This set me back by quite a bit, my average BMR is around 1900. ~
Let me calculate my intake :

comes out around 1600 so i didn’t do quite well, my burn should be around 500ish

2 thoughts on “1 foot tuna honey and oats Subway is bad”

  1. That’s stil a defecit of AT LEAST 300 calories, not counting any activity you did today. SO unless you sat on your butt all day not moving at all, you probably hit your 500 cal deficit.

  2. yes, your right I actually played a little bit of footy that day i probably did hit my 500 cal deficit.

    thanks for the reply

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